Everyday Cock followers

I love it when guys shave their heads…. the bald look totally turns me on…. here is a collection of bald guys to entertain your eyes….

I felt like posting a set of muscle men… always a pleasure to look at…. it must take a lot of self discipline to achieve a physique such as these men have… hope you enjoy the brawn…

Here is a collection of bear art…. I have collected a lot more of these if readers would like to see more….

Can you figure out what all these guys have in common? (other than they are all showing off their cocks)….

I always save these types of pictures when I run across them online… I call them ”pics of guys naked in the wilderness”…. there is something very hot about this type of photograph…. I think i just decided what I plan to do the next time I go camping….

Here is a set of guys with awesome tattoos…

Which of these groups of three would you pick to have fun with?

All these pieces of art have a surreal quality to them…

As I get older, I find myself developing a fetish for guys with beards…. perhaps it’s because I have one myself…. who knows… anyway… here is a post dedicated to guys with beards…..

Here is a collection of amateur photos that I have collected… sometimes I just enjoy looking at regular guys… I secretly admire guys that can put themselves out there like that… it’s hot… if my followers enjoy this type of post, I can definitely do more like it’s kind….